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The [Power] of SVG and perl

SVG Tutorials using the SVG perl module. RO IT Systems is preparing a set of tutorials to guide you through the process of creating rich dynamic SVG documents for the web.

 Perl SVG Tutorials
 Tutorial 1: Creating A simple SVG document in perl
 Tutorial 2: Show somestyle:Using groups, styles, and anchors
 Tutorial 3: Generating Change: SMIL Animation
 Tutorial 4: Linking inside and outside the document.
 Tutorial 5: Let's get serious: Javascript and DOMUsing the script methods with CDATA (requires 2.0) to add user interactivity
 Tutorial 6: Building on the past: Re-using Existing SVG with SVG::Parser (not finished)
 Tutorial 7: Rich Images: Using Definitions, Patterns, and Use to fill entities with patterns
 Tutorial 8: Advanced Voodoo: Implementing SVG-database-javascript interaction
 Tutorial 9: Server Information: Improving a File-System Histogram. Based on an old J. David Eisenberg article demonstrating SVG and Perl. This tutorial demonstrates that provides significant simplification and is still (at this time) unparalleled for programming efficiency
 Tutorial 10: The Mighty DOM: An SVG::DOM walk- through. Explore the capabilities of the SVG::DOM module for handling the mighty Document Object Model concept. Using the element handling and element searching methods to identify and find an element and modify it.

SVG - based graphics provide an excellent alternative to traditional raster-based visualization techniques by enabling variable content resolution without bandwidth cost. The zooming and panning capabilities of the vector graphics enable the application providers to provide a higher information density than with bitmap data. The animation and built-in javascript support provide time-series visualization support at a much lower overhead cost than with bitmap-based systems.

And to top it all off, the data is compressable and can be sent to the client in zipped format.

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Fall, 2009

At the SVG Open Conference you will have the opportunity to learn about the SVG standard, how to use it to create effective and compelling Web content, techniques for developing SVG software solutions, and the latest developments from the W3C. You will meet the authors of the SVG specifications and the creators of SVG applications in person, and you will have the opportunity to provide your own input for future development.

You will get a chance to see the newest SVG applications and tools, and you will hear early announcements of upcoming SVG product releases. SVG Open courses will enlighten you on SVG, XML and related standards, graphic design and Web application design. Courses will be available at both introductory and advanced levels, in order to serve the needs of all conference attendees.

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